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National Accreditation Council (NAC) Synchronized FDP

1. General information

  • NAC criterion synchronized Faculty Development Program (FDP) focuses on Curricular, Assessment, Feedback, PBL and related aspects.
  • Residential FDP is for faculty from Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Natrual Sciences, Education and others
  • It is required to report on time & register as per the schedule on each day
  • The program will be interactive with plenty of discussions, activities, case-based learning & team-based learning
  • Once registered please do not discontinue in the middle
  • Please take Pre learning & post learning checks to know your own progress in knowledge skills and competency related to the topic / module
  • I will communicate from time to time, all the necessary information related to the FDP in the Google classroom. Please check & read regularly
  • After the classroom is created and your email is added, you will get invitation email. Accept and join. It may be in junk if it is first email. Check & shift to inbox

2. Mini W/S (workshop in workshop)

  • Persons: 6 to 8 per group
  • Total number of groups & participants: 6 (6X7=42)
  • Time: 45 to 60 minutes
  • Oral & written feedback sheet for all for the Mini w/s
  • Make groups 1 to 5 with leader & scribe
  • 01 teacher & rest all students in the mini w/s of 60 minutes
  • Need 5 to 6 Classrooms or space (10 ftX10ft) with white board, marker or chalk piece & black board. Make & announce classrooms & respective participants list in advance
  • Participants to use 2+2 appraisal method. 2 compliments (good points) & 2 suggestions for improvement to be given for each participant.
  • Discussions & summarizing in main W/S hall
  • Pre & post learning check in computer room 30 minutes in the beginning and 30 minutes before the closure of the day

3. Skills to be checked & measured in mini-W/S

  • Stimulus variation & contribution to discussion topic, skill.
  • Black board writing Skill.
  • Explaining Skill – language, voice, tone etc.
  • Probing questioning & Reinforcing Skill
  • Closure achieving Skill

Duration: 4 working days on site. 3 days of FDP and last day for assessments & evaluation

Commencement: As per University or college convenience

Maximum participants: 36 only with 10% variation

Course Objectives

Check List

  • Inauguration time – 10:30 am tentatively on day 1
  • PLC & Post LC in Computer room, individual Laptop /Smart Phone etc.
  • Mini w/s in 5 to 6 rooms close to main venue 
  • Tea & Lunch close to venue for ease & interactions 
  • Black or white board, chalk pieces or markers
  • PPT presentation facility for participants, Pointer, cable etc. 
  • Pads, pens, stationary & work sheets (white paper) 
  • Printing of feedback sheets or computer based 
  • PLC & post LC on hard copy or computer based 
  • Timer and time keeper (8+2 Minutes) during Mini workshops
  • Onsite & Online program will be limited to about 36 faculty 
  • The training programs will be in workshop format with activities, discussions, presentations and home assignments for active engagement of participants 
  • Separate Google class will be created for communication, assessment, feedback etc. 
  • Participants to be seated in round table format, 6 to 7 per table
  • Once the participant joins the program shall not discontinue midway 
  • Certificate of Proficiency will be provided only after Formative & Summative assessments and after satisfactory performance 
  • Other relevant information will be provided from time to time 
  • Minimum of 24 total contact hrs. & 6 to 8 hrs. of self-learning, activities

Special Note:

  • FDP programs of HESDARC, Mysuru are endorsed and supported by College of Pharmacy, University of Findlay, Ohio, USA from Nov. 2020 to 2023 as per MOU signed in Nov. 2020

Theme, Sub themes and Session titles

  • Based on the theme chosen with the consent of the institution, HESDARC will prepare a draft program with theme/s for each of the 3 days and session titles matching with each other and in incremental manner. The program will be finalized after discussions with the institution    
  • There will be at least 4 sessions of 60 to 90 minutes on each day
  • There will be 12 to 14 sessions which will be interconnected and with focus on the theme. 
  • Theme chosen will be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound (SMART) with specific outcomes for each session 

Skill Development Training:

Number of Modules: 12 to 14

FDP Delivery: Normally onsite 

Contact hours & credits: 30 hrs. & 2 credits

Continuous Assessment: 70 % (Quiz, Assignment & Mid-modules Assessment)

End/Modules Assessment: 30%

Assessment includes: MCQ’s & Short Answers (70:30)


RangeGradeMeritG. P
95% and aboveA+Outstanding10
90.00 to 94.99 %AExcellent9
85.00 to 89.99 %B+Very Good8
80.00 to 84.99 %BGood7
75.00 to 79.99 %C+Satisfactory6
70.00 to 74.99 %CPass5
Below 70.00% %FFail4

Unsuccessful candidates / trainee/s have to repeat the course in part or full & retake the exam


Certificate will be issued by HESDAR Center for participants who score C (70%) & above

Star performers:

Those who score above 90% will be recognized with a special certificate and photo printed  in the Newsletter with the FDP brief report

Feedback, Executive brief report and detailed report of FDP

  • Feedback will be given to participants after assessments and activities during and after the FDP. Reports will be submitted to the university with all the details of 4 days FDP with Photos, Pie diagrams, Bar charts, assessment, assignment copies etc. in a box file.
  • The same report can be submitted by the university to the approval and accrediting agencies